Head Boy's Message

School can become a temple of learning only when the student, the guardian, and the society, in harmony, endeavor to make it a place of pursuit for education, a sadhana; where the spring of punctuality, sanctity and thrust for knowledge flows.

Being the head boy, I consider myself to be fortunate as I have been given such a great opportunity to hold the flag of DPS HRIT CAMPUS.

I have many thoughts but it's hard for me to express them all. This campus has provided a great support to the students so that they can learn true meaning of life and can achieve success. School is the best place for the students as it provides all phases of future to excel.

Standing at this point of my life I would like to thanks my Parents, Chairman Sir, Principal Ma’am, teachers and all my friends that they show faith in me.

I assure to be good leader and try to put my 100% efforts to raise our school flag to the top.

"If your actions and words inspire other to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader. - John Adams


Viraj Chaudhary


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